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JIM MACK - Physio Clinical expertise

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APA Sports Physiotherapist, Masters in Sports Physiotherapy (1993), Lecturer and Clinical Educator Uni SA, Nordic Walking Instructor, Personal Wellness Coach

  • General musculoskeletal and sports Physiotherapy

  • Muscle Energy Techniques

  • Physio Massage - General and targeted massage based on a thorough understanding of your problem areas.

  • Clinical expertise and interests - Lumbopelvic / hip problems, foot biomechanics, thoracic / rib cage, elbow overuse disorders, neck and shoulder girdle.

  • Working with runners, golfers, and people keen on getting fitter and healthier.

Hip & Pelvic Rehabilitation



  • Detailed assessment -lumbar pelvic & hip motion, stability & mechanics in relation to presenting pathology
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Initial Manual Therapy - soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, mobilisation
  • Progression - supervised or home based rehabilitation exercise program incorporating Pilates, key stretches & strength training

The program helps to:

  • Ease anterosuperior hip compression by reducing butt & hip flexor gripping even in the prescence of FAI
  • Stabilise the acetabulum as well as head of femur by improving sacroiliac & hip joint motor control.
  • Address coexisting problems in lumbar spine, pelvis, knee & foot.
  • Develop real strength in the whole kinetic chain that effects the hip
  • Assist clients to return to work, sport, fitness & physical activity.

Suitable for clients with symptoms who relate to:

  • Gluteal Tendonopathy & bursitis
  • OA hip
  • Symptomatic labral tears
  • Femoroacetabular Impingement
  • Ischiofemoral impingement
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Pelvic girdle pain (sacroiliac, pubic symphysis, pelvic stability)
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Failed rehab with no current surgical options
  • Sporting groin pain

Contact Jim for an appointment


Nordic Walking is rapidly growing total body fitness activity that is fun, low impact but produces high results. It is a learned technique using specially designed poles. Check Nordic Academy’s website for information Jim is a listed instructor in SA.

  • Activates 90% of the body’s muscles and burns more than 46% more calories than regular walking.
  • Gives a 25% greater cardiovascular workout than regular walking but with less perceived exertions.
  • Decreases load and impact to the lower body while getting an upper body workout - great for those with any lower body injury issues.
  • Improves posture, core strength and reduces pain and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Contact Jim for an individual or group lesson. Jim can provide you with poles and accessories to get you started on this amazing fitness activity.

NORDIC WALKing techniques


Kinetic Link Training - a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training. Exercise with weights in a new, challenging and exciting way - applying the kinetic link principle. Achieve fantastic physical performance results in the short-term, plus great long-term health and wellbeing. Create a strong, toned, aesthetically balanced body which moves with ease, efficiency and control. Move like an athlete and explore your potential. Check the Kinetic Link Training website for information.

  • Acheive results from a gym or at home
  • KLT is a fantastic progression after traditional Physio rehab
  • Can be modified for any ability and age group.
  • We are now using it early in rehab to enhance stability and movement.
  • Uses mainly pulley cables or bands and dumbbells – no benches, no seat. You use your legs!

Contact Jim for an appointment to learn KLT. Handouts and movie link provided.


A Wellness Evaluation is available for those interested in improving their general health and well-being. The evaluation consists of:

  • Health and nutrition questionnaire.
  • Tanita Scan for detailed body compostion (weight, BMI, body fat %, muscle mass, water %, BMR, metabolic age, bone weight, visceral fat).
  • Identification of personal health goals based on questionnaire and body scan results.
  • Advice on suitable fitness activities, strength and conditioning,
    appropriate professional referrals.
  • Follow up reviews of outcomes.

For an appointment contact Jim on 0418 820 197.

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There is plenty of off street (two under cover) and on street parking. Physio office on lower level behind carport.


After 22 years of being Adelaide’s best kept Physio secret we’ve finally got a name, logo, FB page and website so you can tell everybody.

City & sea views!

We have built a lovely new deck. You are most welcome to enjoy the city and sea views if you arrive early for an appointment. SMS Jim to say "you've arrived"


Strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation specific to golf will help to prevent injury and improve performance.

Nordic WALKING adelaide

Jim is a certified Nordic Walking Instructor. He runs regular walks in the South Parklands of Adelaide. This image shows the Nordic technique - poles angled back with a natural arm swing. The pole design facilitates this movement. Check our facebook page for up to date information.

Pivotal Physiotherapy & Pilates

Extra Location - Jim
Jim is also available for appointments at:
133 Archer Street, North Adelaide SA 5000
T: 08 8342 5593


Jim can give you advice on acceptable pain in response to recovery from injury. The infographic illustrates as a guide.


Jim knows his foot biomechanics, what to mobilise, what to release, what to strengthen and will work closely with your Podiatrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Ring or sms (preferred) Jim on 0418 820 197 for an appointment.
We have after hours and weekend appointments available.

Do I need a referral?

You don't need a referral, but if referred by your Doctor, Specialist or other Health Professional we will communicate with them to achieve the best outcome.

Should I bring any X-rays?

Yes bring any relevant X-rays, scans or other test results.

How much will it cost?

Fees vary depending on time spent and the complexity of your problem and will be discussed with you at your first appointment. You will get a health rebate if you have Physiotherapy extras cover with your private health fund. JMack physio is able to see and welcomes Workcover, Third Party and GP Medicare EPC patients.

How do I book for wellness coaching?

Ring or sms Jim on 0418 820 197 and indicate your main priorities - weight management, nutrition, suitable fitness, strength and conditioning options.

How do I join the Nordic Walking?

Book an initial lesson with Jim (30-60min). Jim can do individual or small groups. Nordic Poles are provided for the lesson and are available for purchase. After your initial lesson you will be notified about future walks, clinics and activities by email and access to our Facebook group.
  • Fantastic physios! Great with backs and knees. I highly recommend them.

    Mark Baldwin
  • Identified the cause of my calf pain and fixed it quickly. Highly recommended!

    Nicole Viant
  • I could not recommend these two guys highly enough. What they have done for my body is amazing and how much they have helped me with my training is brilliant. As a powerlifter, it is so important to get on top of any niggles or imbalances before they become major injuries quickly. They always have time for me, and give me excellent rehab/prehab exercises that work. Don’t waste your time and money with physiotherapists that offer endless treatments with no improvements. These guys have your interests and wellbeing at heart. Thank you

    Laurence Staiff

    Kat Baldwin

    Jack Ralph


Car Parking

Park in driveway if possible. Street parking available.

Jim Mack
  • 16 Arthur Street,
    Darlington SA 5047
  • 0418 820 197
    SMS prefered for appointments
  • Pivotal Physio
    133 Archer Street,
    North Adelaide SA 5006
  • 08 8342 5593
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